Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Let's Get Talking.....about process preferences

My favorite part of quilting is binding. Then I can start a new quilt! My least favorite part of the process is machine quilting, and I have a stiff neck right now to prove it. I am currently looking for someone who will trade machine quilting for binding. I enjoy piecing by hand or machine, but I do not like pressing. Never know which side those seams go. Lately have been pressing open ... a compromise. I like to shop for fabric (duh, who doesn't?) but I have trouble deciding how much to buy. Never know what my next quilt will be until I get home from the shop. And lastly, I do not like making labels, so I often skip it. Shame on me! End of confession.


  1. I love binding too! It's kind of a "happy I'm done, sad it's over feeling." Does that make me twisted??? Hehehehe.

  2. what do you mean, not knowing how much to buy???? it's when you run out of money!!!!

  3. I loooove machine piecing...don't really like the binding...smiles


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