Tuesday, October 4, 2011

NYC Metro Modern Quilters

NYC Metro Modern Quilt Guild

Wish the photo had everyone in it! And that we could actually see all the faces of the people who are, but oh well, we'll set up a great group shot one day. Maybe at a guild exchange day to the Jersey shore? The ocean would make a nice backdrop!

More pics from the meeting to come, lots to sort through...


  1. i loooooveee this photo...yes i too wish we were all present..but what i find most tickling...is all the socks etc. that can be seen..it is so MODERN...

  2. Love the pic!! Whose the BLUE head on the far right? seems to be lacking a body.. hehe!

  3. Hello everyone, It looks as though I missed a fun meeting, a chance to say hello, and a chance to get the fabric packet for Dec. If anyone has an extra I would love to arrange to get it from you when I return from Barcelona . Please email me at artlab273@yahoo.com and thanks.


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