Saturday, November 12, 2011

Let's get talking about.. Fabric Designers

This week I decided to do an easy topic in hopes of increasing participation..
(It's mid November, I know we're getting busy.)

Please tell us all about your favorite fabric designers.

Share pictures of fabric, bolts, fat quarters or quilts.. what makes you love them?  Who do you go back to buy again and again?

I didn't set out to be a designer fabric fiend.. but I do find myself attracted to a few designers even without trying..
Since I started quilting, I've loved Alexander Henry.  Not every print, but man, some of them just make me so happy!  I could copy and paste some links, but it's more fun if you just browse the website.
And then there's Erin McMorris.

Valori Wells:
And most recently, Kate Spain.. but I don't own any of her fabric yet..
I guess the secret's out, I like leaves and foliage.  Scenes of nature, flowers, trees.  I wonder if I like it because it's out there, or if it's some deeper level of my aesthetic sense?
So, who does it for you?

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