Thursday, December 15, 2011

Window blocks

I have received 9 wonderful window blocks for the MOD Bee, and I wanted to share.  Thank you so much for everyone who made me a block.  Some came in the mail and some were added to the floor arrangement at the meeting last weekend, but as I hung them on my design wall this wee, I realized I don't know who made a couple of them.. if you know, can you please help me out?  Thanks!




Nicole (yay, I got some gnomes!):
Maureen?  Kimberly? (sorry, lost the envelope!)

______? (my son loves the sneeches!) Carole:

_____? :
If these are yours, please let me know!!

here's a shot of them all up on the wall (with the 3 I made).  I am still waiting on 2, and hope to put it together over my winter break from school.  Thank you everybody for helping me create such a neat quilt.  I'll keep you updated on my progress..


  1. Jessica, I made the one with the sneeches (didn't know that was what they were called!)

  2. What a fun quilt and great idea! Your instructions were wonderful! thanks for the fun! Can't wait to see how you quilt it.

  3. What a great design.... allows for real focus of fabrics. E's city fabric is fabulous!!! and with David's there are always birds out your window.

  4. Mine is the one with the multi-cultural people and was a fun block to make and I love all the variety you ended up with.

  5. Looks fantastic! I like that E got some drinks in there, too ;)

  6. What lovely blocks. So many fun surprises in the windows.


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