Tuesday, January 10, 2012

I Am Iron [Wo]man!

This lady from 1908 on Wikipedia has a much better iron than I currently do.

I have an equipment question that only you fine folks could help me out with!

Do you love your iron? If so, why? If not, why not? Do you have a dream iron on your wish list?

I know that Jessica digs her T-Fal, and Victoria recommends her Oliso, but what about everyone else? Do tell!

I've got a cheapie drugstore iron that's almost 10 years old, and was spitty and unreliable right out of the box, so I'm overdue for a new one, and I'd love to hear your thoughts.


  1. I'm a Rowenta fan myself . . . does the job, plus some. They come at several price points, and I think (having bought several) that the $100 one is the way to go. The $50 one is clumsily designed . . . and $150 is just nothing more, really . . . so there you have it . .. very scientific research. Good luck. Whatever you do, don't buy a black and decker. They misunderstood that it was meant to get hot . ..they don't.

  2. ;-) Out at my house, I have a iron that came with our house! I've been there 17 years... so mine has got to be 18-20 years old.. and that baby works better then my Oliso.. It's gets crazy hot and steams like a steam engine... And you can't find them on ebay..LOL, I've looked!

  3. I have a Rowenta too and love it. It gets very hot and steams like crazy! Let us know what you get!

  4. Chris gave me a Rowenta one year for my birthday, and right after using it, I knew why. Before that I had a cheap no-name that left stains and pains. Rowenta is my choice.

  5. I also really like my Rowenta. It has some heft to it, which I like and it steams both upright and down. These are the two things
    I look for in an iron - weight and major steam. The one I have now was at the medium price point and I have no complaints.

  6. I bought a Rowenta Effective Comfort model (as opposed to ineffective? who's in charge of naming there?) at Bed Bath & Beyond for about $50. I was prepared to spend more, but some of the more expensive ones just seemed to get heavier in weight, but not features. I was looking for a good smooth bottom w/o an abundance of holes (I'm not a big steamer, but it actually does give great steam) and a pointed tip to get in those tough spots. I've used it for about eight months now and am in "like" with it, not love. I don't feel like it stays as hot as I'd like, and I find it odd that there's no "off" button so there's always a power light on if you leave it plugged in. Not a big deal on most appliances, but with an iron I like knowing it's truly off at a glance when I leave the room. I really wanted to splurge for that yellow Oliso, but some reviews said it leaked a fair amount. Victoria, do you find that to be true?


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