Monday, February 6, 2012

February Meeting Recap

Happy February Everyone,

Now that you have some eye candy to represent all that you missed on Saturday.  Now for a bit of the business side of things.

Saturday was a wonderful day, with a packed house.  Welcome to all of our new members, thanks for dropping in for all of our visitors, and good to see all of our current members again. 

The meeting began with a recap of whats been going on.  I will highlight a few important things for everyone.

  • We are a not-for-profit corporation, fully incorporated with applicable documents.
  • We are a tax exempt organization (NOTE: due to our current size IRS does not provide formal documentation, but we are classified and recognized as tax-exempt.)
  • Members are still welcome to sign up - go to the website at
  • Annual dues are $65 and can be paid online through paypal at our website or via check/moneyorder.
  • Membership has its priviledges. (Smiles)
In addition to our show and tell, we were very fortunate to have Meg Cox, President of the Board of Directors for The Alliance for American Quilts.  She talked with us about the Quilter's S.O.S. (Save Our Stories) project.  This project is a national grassroots initiative to capture the stories and culture of today's quilt makers. This project includes transcribed interviews and photographs and a downloadable, easy-to-use how-to manual. Hundreds of Q.S.O.S. interviews and transcripts are archived at the Library of Congress American Folklife Center, where they are available for research.  Meg taught us the process for recording the stories.

After a lesson on the method of interviewing for the project, Victoria interviewed Kim H, for Q.S.O.S.   It was wonderful.  We listened to Kim and had a chance to learn more about Kim, her family, and her quilting journey. The 45 minutes flew by, and when the interview concluded we had an opportunity to follow up with additional questions.  

The Alliance is also working on a Modern Quilters portion for Q.S.O.S. and we agreed that we will begin to record stories as a group.  So we dropped some names in two baggies and next month, John K. will be interviewing Bernadette F. for Q.S.O.S.  (remember there is a process, with obtaining a number etc.)  Bernadette also offered to transcribe for Q.S.O.S.  If there are any members out there with transcription skills willing to volunteer their services for a worthy cause, contact Meg Cox at the Alliance.

Thank you Meg for your time and presentation.  Thank you Kim H for sharing your story with us.  Thank you Victoria for illiciting the lovely nuggets of information from Kim during the interview.

For those of you that have blocks for the Cherrywood Challenge, please return them ASAP.  As noted in a previous post, in order to be included we need them now.  If you dropped off a block at the meeting and didn't sign the sheet, please send an email to Victoria. 

Our next Meeting will be March 31, 2012.  It is moved because April is Easter.

Stay tuned to the blog for information about the next meeting.

Happy Quilting.

As part of the Q.S.O.S. you have to have a Quilt as a Point of reference.  This is Kim's.

Meg Cox, showing samples of the Houses that can be made for the Alliance challenge. 

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  1. Nice job . . . hard to be so business-like in such a touchy feely environment, but you summed up well . .. thank you for that!


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