Monday, April 30, 2012

NYC Mod Bee May Queen Bee: Blocks From the Greatest Story Ever Told

Hello NYC Metro Mod Bee Folks,

Welcome to the new bees in the group.  A quick note, I will be sending out your packages by wednesday.  I thought I had more time, but with leaving the old job, starting a new one (Woo hoo) the days got away from me.

Anyway, I was thinking about what to do.  May came around pretty darn quick, i must say.  So in keeping with the elements of earth etc., I have always wanted a "Bible Quilt".  So this Month you will have a choice of blocks from the "greatest story ever told".  Straight from the good book, both Old and New Testament choices.  In each package I will provide an easy and a difficult block options for each of  you to choose.  I decided to do this so that I can be assured to have a variety of quilt blocks.

For those that want a quick peek at my source of inspiration.  Just check out this link.

I will be using the following blocks.

  • Jacobs Ladder
  • Job's Tears
  • Children of Israel
  • Joseph's Coat
  • David & Goliath
  • Solomon's Puzzle
  • Gethsemene
  • Crown of Thorns
  • Star of Bethlehem
  • Road to Damascus
  • Bright Morning Star
  • Palm Leaves
So Stay Tuned....

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  1. Looks very cool - for a minute I got excited that that was our assignment for the month, but then I realized that you're in the first group that is just restarting vs. being a new joiner to the "Lucky 13"? Do you think your group can come up w/ a name so it's clear which Bee Queen is posting? Either way, I can't wait to see what blocks you get back.


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