Sunday, June 3, 2012

June 2 Meeting Recap!

So much to inspire!

Was great to have a visitor all the way from India . . . and she brought some beautiful vibrant fabrics which some lucky winners went home with!  Thank you Vidya!

Huge thanks to Victoria for her 30+ hours quilting this gorgeous Cherrywood group quilt!

Lisa brought a very special beauty made by her friends!

Just in time for the queen's jubilee, Jackie brought in this handsome stunner!

Helen's first "try" at pieced letters . . .

Brian's 4th grandchild is getting this beauty . . .

Congratulations to Karen who is expecting twins!!!  They will certainly love this bright and cheerful quilt!

Jacqui showed us a beautiful crazy quilt made by her great-grandmother, pieced on newspaper!

This is the first quilt Sue ever made . . .

and for contrast, these are the blocks she is entering in the QuiltCon challenge!

This quilt is going to one of Carol's grandchildren, lucky for them!

Congratulations to Kendall on her Northern Star Quilt Show Art Quilt Winner!

Jenny's giving this one away today to a very lucky baby!

Jody's made this one for a lucky couple marrying in the fall . . .

Hayden and her ironing husband designed this one for her mother-in-law!

Andrea's brought in this flowery beauty!

Judy's sampler made us all ooh and aah!

Sally's leaf and vine was a beauty!

Maria's son had a big hand in helping her choose these fabrics for his quilt, gorgeous!

Yolanda awed us with her paper piecing . . . 

Pamela's modern landscape "painting" inspired by some Canadian artists . ..

We all decided we needed one of Debbie's useful padded mats!

Teri's whole cloth mini quilt was exquisite!

David was so proud to have actually finished this log cabinesque wonder, even the binding!

Cassandra is experimenting with some gorgeous hand-dyed cottons and silks on this top.

Naomi's lovely sea scape scrap quilt . . .

Andrea's tiny itty bitty triangles made us squint!

Victoria's fussy cut "triangle's galore" was beautiful!

Ivete's showed us her 1st original design made with soft organic cottons . . .

Sally's "oriental carpet" inspired by her trips to the Met!

Chris' Queen Plus sized strip quilt . . .

And last but not least, Bernadette's vortex quilt, which is the first quilt she's made just for herself . . . brought in for her SOS quilt interview done by David . . . great job David, and lots of fun to listen to!


  1. Thanks so much Chris! I will be poring over this post for a while, there's so much to see... wonderful quilts, all! Happy summer, everyone!

  2. Интересно рассматривать! Спасибо.

  3. What a fun day! So sorry, I missed it all!! Fabulous show and tell.

  4. What gorgeous pieces! Wish I had been able to come & soak in the energy!

  5. Wonderful meeting, as always. Loved the interview with Bernadette and David!

  6. Great photos, Chris and it was a great day... so much inspirations for all.

  7. What a fun meeting ! I don't think I've ever seen so many beautiful quilts all in one place. And meeting everyone was great too. I've come back home to India, inspired. Thank You.

  8. Love it!!! Nice recap, Chris. Almost as good as being there :)