Sunday, July 29, 2012

Lucky 13 Bee for August

Autumn is my favorite season. I love the different colors, shapes and smells of the leaves as they change and mature. So I thought, for my month (August), I would ask you all to make a leaf block that fits your experience of autumn leaves. Please use some of the supplied hand dyed fabric either for its color or the leaf image, in whatever style you like: traditional block, wonky, free form or literal. Add autumn colors from your stash, or dye something yourself. You can thread paint, appliqué – any method or style you want to do. I hope to end up with a quilt that includes a “community of leaves” not just my own vision. Your block can be any size, square or rectangle, preferably one side being at least 8 inches.

The dye used is Setacolor and is available from Dharma Trading if you are interested in trying it yourself. This dye is heat set (sun and/or iron), no gloves are needed, and can adhere to almost any fabric. If you need extra pieces of the pre-dyed fabric, just let me know. These instructions and one 10x10 (approx) piece of fabric (1/6 of the above picture) will be in the mail to you tomorrow.

I look forward to the infinite variety of your blocks as much as I always look forward to the glorious colors and shapes and smells (and cooler weather!) of the Fall.



  1. So many ideas already running through my head ... your fabric looks beautiful ... will be looking for that package.

  2. Looks beautiul already, Naomi.... Hope I'll come up with something suitable and acceptable.


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