Wednesday, January 30, 2013

February Bee Block

Hi Fellow Bee-mates,
Whew! I thought I was so smart, starting to plan for my month as Queen Bee over the holidays.  I had some ideas I was really excited about.....then today when I realized it's almost February, I couldn't remember a single one! Guess they weren't that good:-)

Sooooooo.......I found this Celtic Twist block online.  I think it will be fun to interpret in some bright scrappy, tonal colors and prints.  This is a 12.5" block. The pdf instructions can be found here:

 - Background: I'm sending a light grayish print
 - Twisted "rings": Please use solids or prints in 4 shades of any one color (pinks, oranges, greens, turqs, browns, purples or whatever you have!.... as long as there is a good contrast with the background)

Just follow the placement of the 4 shades on the instructions.

One of my favorite parts of this Bee is everyone's different color/fabric choices. I'd love for each block to be unique and am not concerned about matching anything, so I'm asking you to use fabric from your own stash for the twisted "rings".  If anyone doesn't have much stash and would rather I send fabric for the rings as well, just email me: 

P.S. I'll bring these on Saturday to the guild meeting, then mail out the rest on Monday


  1. made this from Paper Piecing but yours is SO much easier -- Thank You!

  2. where can i find the pattern the pdf didnt take me to the pattern and instructions