Thursday, May 23, 2013

Dutch Rose for June

I went back and forth on what fabrics to use for this.  After organizing my sewing area recently, I have been on a self-imposed “fabric diet”.  With shopping not an option, I went to my stash.  I think every quilter has some fabrics that they hoard, covet, pet, and can’t imagine cutting.  The fabrics that I have included this month are decades old and have stood the test of time – vintage sheets.  Some of the fabrics are ‘brand new’, never used, and were still in the package, while others are super soft and used.  Almost all the fabrics are from a vintage sheet fat quarter swap earlier this year.  I think this is the perfect way to show how well these fabrics all work together.

If you would send also send me the pieced “bonus” blocks, I would really appreciate it.   Don’t worry about pressing them open…or even cutting them apart, if you string piece.  I want to use them to make a sawtooth border around the entire quilt.  Here is my pile of string-pieced HST “bonus” blocks.