Saturday, August 31, 2013

Maria's Block "All about me"

Maria... you were right in that it would be difficult picking fabric for your block...not because I wouldn't part with any, but because I love it ALL and couldn't decide "what's me".  However, I do know that I gravitate toward greens and blues so I dug into that stash.  I was tempted to do the "square" version that you offered but you put me to shame with all your instructions, the professional layout of your note (mine is usually a hand-scribbled list of wants) and your flexibility.  The least I could do was tackle your curves....and they weren't so hard after all!  Looking forward to seeing others' choices and your compilation of them all.  See you in October!


  1. You always make me laugh, Jody! And talking about putting one to shame, your curve piecing is so much better than mine! I am glad you tried it. I look forward to seeing your block in person. Thank you!

  2. glad you like it...hope you do in person too!

  3. Great block Jody! Love those fabrics...and of course the yummy greens!!


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