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December 7, 2013 Meeting - Show and Tell Recap

Apologies for the delay in the recap! I hope everyone had a great holiday season. Our December 7th meeting was quite a busy one with handsewing, the guild DWR contest, and of course, a fabulous show and tell! As always, please let me know if I've left out or misheard important details about your quilt.

May Ann won these blocks and used half in this quilt. It is her first traditional quilt in 10 years. The quilt focuses on negative space with a four-patch on a white block on point.

Emily started this Dear Jane quilt 10 years ago at Quilting By the Lake. The quilt is a mix of hand and machine piecing with applique and overall quilted by a friend. Emily focused on four triangles, then designed the border. Emily's twin sister, Barbara, also took the class and always finished her quilts before Emily. In honor of that, Emily labeled this quilt "Done before Barbara's." When Barbara finished her quilt, she labled it "...But I'm a a Goddess." Emily claims she will never do another Dear Jane again. She started this one in 1999 and finished it in 2002.

I was on a holiday gift making kick and made this simple table runner by modifying a pattern from one of Rashida Coleman-Hale's books. It was quick to whip together and I hope to make more in the future!

Margaret made some paper-pieced hearts years ago which she incorporated into this holiday-themed quilt that just came together. 

Ellen swore she would never make a double wedding ring but was inspired by Lisa's and decided to make one with a pack of Kaffe Fassett fabrics mixed with dupioni silk. She started with a couple of melons comprised of made fabrics but didn't feel it worked in the main block so she used them in the back!

Hayden made this quilt for a friend getting married last November. She bound, labeled, and wrapped the quilt the night before the wedding! Hayden's boyfriend also helped contribute to making the quilt, which was a pattern from the book Sunday Morning Quilts. Fortuitously, the colors of the quilt matched the wedding colors perfectly.

Sara is very new to quilting (1.5 years) and this is the first quilt she has ever finished. The fabrics are all Tula Pink as well as the pattern. The quilt is machine-quilted.

Helen shared her mini quilts inspired by the challenge from Victoria's blog, 15 Minutes of Play. The quilt on the right was made from silk samples found from the share table. The quilt "cost nothing" to make!

Eri shared a Mini Amish quilt.

Jody made this quilt over a year. It is comprised of 12.5" blocks that contain stars. She started the quilts with blocks exchanged from a bee where she requested blue and orange blocks. Jody's daughter-in-law suggested a center block because Jody's son loves the color orange. Since 12 blocks does not make a quilt, Jody decided to construct a large center block. The completed quilt is queen-sized. Jody hopes her son, H will like it!

Chelsey shared her first quilt which is comprised of Tula Pink fabric. Chelsey started quilting in February of 2013. She machine-quilted using her grandmother's long arm.

We took a quick break during show and tell to share announcements and also take a group photo of all the Mini Amish Quilt challenge participants.

Emily wanted to learn how to make Y-seams so she made this detailed medallion quilt with lots of quilting. 

Nancy took a paper-piecing class, which was a very tedious technique, but she ended up really liking the process. Nancy liked how the blocks came out very precise.

Anita brought a quilt she purchased while at a quilt show in Des Moines. The quilt hails from island of Caohagan in the Philippines. Anita had the quilt in the box and had been too busy to open the box but had been thinking of the Philippines after typhoon Haiyan hit in November. So Anita decided to bring the quilt to the guild meeting so we could share in seeing it for the first time together. The quilts are hand sewn and pieced at retail of about $300 (inclusive of shipping).

Lisa shared a quilt she made least year that will be featured in a book launching in January 2014. While at home recuperating for 8-9 months, making this quilt helped her get through a difficult time. The quilt prominently features the color orange which Lisa loves!

Jackie's daughter turned one in March 2013 and this quilt was her birthday present. The quilt is 60" square and is interactive containing flaps that can be lifted up to reveal Dr. Seuss prints below. Jackie developed the pattern herself using 5.5" squares.

Jenny didn't complete this quilt in time to enter it into the DWR Challenge. Surprisingly, Jenny enjoyed making this quilt, though she didn't think she would. It is embroidered and machine quilted.

Bernadette is also part of the Brooklyn guild where there was a call for scraps. So before giving away all her scraps, she made this!

Shirra just joined our guild and shared a quilt she made 10 years ago. She has taken a break from quilting for the past eight years. The quilt she shared is unfinished and made of Laurel Burch fabrics. 

Andrea took a class at the City Quilter on log cabins and made this rectangle log cabin.

Rachael makes quilts from "dead people's clothes." This was her first ever guild meeting. The quilt she shared was made from t-shirts for which she used a lightweight stabilizer. The texture of the quilt feels like corduroy. The binding is also made of t-shirt material and feels like velvet. She just purchased a longarm and quilted this herself with feathers, leaves and bubbles. Rachael would like to practice her quilting and offered to quilt tops for anyone would like to send her tops. 

Earamichia shared her submissions to the DWR challenge... in all three categories! The left was comprised of log cabin (one of her favorite blocks) print. The center one is an optical illusion-- though it only looks like one ring, it actually contains four rings. The right was her submission to the single ring category.

Andrea made this quilt for a friend who was having a baby. She did not have enough fabric for a whole rainbow so she repeated a few colors. The backing was made from a comforter cover from IKEA!

Thanks to everyone for a great show and tell! As always, feel free to email me if you'd like me to make updates to your description or if I didn't catch everything. 

Also, for all the Instagram fans, we decided at the last meeting on a hashtag for the guild, #NYCMetroMod.

Until next time!


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  3. Thanks Nellie! I was sad to miss the meeting, but it's nice to see everything posted here.

  4. Thank you, Nellie ... your recap is appreciated!

  5. Thanks for posting! I love how the photos are framed with our names. This is such a great touch!

  6. always do such a great job... brings me right back to a fabulous meeting and wonderful and inspiring ideas. Now I have to get back to my "tractor" and finish little Henry's quilt (after I finish the things needed for February's meeting!)

  7. Thanks for the kind words, everyone! I enjoy collecting your stories and it's always fun to review the meeting again and seeing all the wonderful creativity!


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