Tuesday, February 18, 2014

EPP Goals:

I'll admit it, I'm writing this post just to add to the fun at Jess's Monday Morning Star Count. Because I haven't made much progress on my EPP quilt lately (I've been too busy binding my first ever King size quilt- why that's taking so long is an entirely different story!), I'm going to tell you about my quilting to-go bag. Jess asked for photos of our quilting gear at some point- I can't find that post now- but here's my kit (closed with a safety pin, yes, it's true):

The funny thing is, I hate this bag. At some point early on in my learning-to-free-motion-quilt process, I grabbed the absolute ugliest fabrics in my stash and practiced on them. Then at some point I turned this piece into this crude little bag, which has somehow become my most-used quilt accessory. And I'm learning to appreciate ugliness, but I still want to make a new bag at some point- after my two major works-in-progress are done!
I use a little old tofu spread (Fairway, yum!) container for my paper clips, thread, tiny scissors, templates, and fabric. The piece I'm working on goes in the bag with the container and it's good to go wherever I dare to quilt (no business meetings, yet!).

But the real reason I started this post is to state some goals, so the Star Count crowd can help keep me on track. I would like to:
  1. Finish basting all the rest of the diamonds for the main EPP part of the quilt (hence the new package of Quilt Patis!) so I can lay it out before piecing together any more of it. That's about 75 diamonds- maybe I can get this done by, say, the middle of March? 
  2. Finish piecing the rest of the main EPP part of the quilt by, say, the end of May?
  3. Finish piecing the rest of the top (my vision is to have pieces appliqued on the right side assembling themselves into the main EPP part) by... the end of summer?
  4. Finish quilting and binding the entire thing by the 2nd anniversary of "Superstorm" Sandy in October 2014. (I started this quilt during the night that Sandy hit, 29 October 2012, because I was too anxious to sleep.)

Not a terribly ambitious plan, but then I am slow! So: do you think I can do it??


  1. Your progress is looking great and I enjoyed seeing your travel bag, sometimes function wins over beauty. You will get this quilt done at the right time....whenever that is, enjoy the process and hope to see you again on Monday morning star count.

  2. Beauty must be in the eye of the beholder, because I think that fabric is beautiful. (The safety pin...not so much.) If and when you make another travel bag, toss the old one my way!

  3. Looks like what you've got going is fabulous - take whatever time you need!

  4. I love your EPP quilt top … the unexpected stars make me smile every time I see it. I can't wait to see more!

  5. I think I've said this before- I LOVE your arraignment.

  6. I love this little pouch (and always have!). I'll fight Helen for it when you're done..

  7. I think you can do it. I often find myself unable to stop working on mine. (Granted, the housework and laundry sometimes get put on hold.) Beautiful fabrics!

  8. That's quite a project. Keep working and don't worry about the final date. I always think, "It's finished when it's finished."

  9. You can do it! The fabrics are beautiful and just take it one week at a time :) I love the encouragement from everyone and it certainly keeps me working and making progress each week!