Sunday, November 2, 2014

Sanitary Napkin Challenge!

You guys! Look at this wonderful spread of napkins! You've done yourselves proud :)

As a reminder, Craft Hope (an organization I have supported in the past) has chosen to support for their 25th project - We Are Kenya.

From the Craft Hope website:
"We Are Kenya is an organization who believes that one way to change a society is to change the future of it's youth. They are a nonprofit dedicated to feeding and educating sweet children in the slums of Soweto, Kenya. Soweto is the second largest slum in Kenya and home to We Are Kenya. Soweto is a large slum whose people daily struggle with sickness, crime, hunger, and hopelessness that results from severe poverty. In a slum where many children have one or no parent, the daily quest for food supersedes any hope for education."

At the guild meeting in September I asked if anybody would be interested in helping me support this cause by making reusable cloth sanitary napkins. As someone who has had the privilege of an extended education well into my adult years, it breaks my heart to think that others eager to learn might be stopped by something as simple and natural as their monthly cycle. And you guys really stepped up! With those I collected on Saturday, the set Margaret sent to me, and the napkins I made we have collected a total of 33 napkins!

Maria generously provided some supplies to make more napkins at the meeting on Saturday, and as a reminder the deadline for items to arrive at Craft Hope is November 15th. This isn't my deadline but one they have set. I am going to be mailing out the napkins I have November 10th or 11th. At this point, unless you can get your completed napkins to me on the Upper East Side (work hours) or Elmhurst (evenings/weekends) before that date, I wont be able to install snaps for people. I suggest using sew on snaps or perhaps buttons and buttonholes if you don't have snap pliers. You are of course welcome to mail anything you make individually directly to We are Kenya:

We Are Kenya
10914 Hillcrest Drive
Laurel, MD 20723

There is still time to participate! I've re-posted a few links below with free tutorials describing multiple different methods of making cloth pads. The basic ingredients are usually 100% cotton fabric plus some 100% cotton absorbent fabric such as flannel, terry cloth or cotton batting, with the potential to add in a waterproof/resistant fabric such as PUL or micro fleece.

Thank you all for taking the time to do this! If you need to contact me, search for Tina in any of the group guild emails.

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  1. This is such a great project! I'm sorry I missed the previous meeting and didn't know about this. Great work, all!


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