Monday, March 2, 2015

Patchwork Coat Project

In December I suggested that people should take Lisa's lemon patchwork coat and take pictures of themselves doing funny things in it. It turns out I don't do anything AND I'm not very funny. With the snow, the kids and work - I barely left the house in the past two months! My husband took exception to the coat and walked out of the room when ever I put it on (boo to him and his appreciation of quilted high fashion items.) So I really rather failed at my own suggested task - here are some of the photos I took ....

I eagerly modeled the coat on return of Guild Meeting - husband was not at all happy!

But my cute little one LOVED IT (this is Catherine my middle child - 4 years old)

I wore the coat to celebrate the return of Freddie after his little vacation to Utah.

It was cold - this coat is REALLY COMFORTABLE AND WARM.  Don't be put off by the fashion risk. You can wear it while you quilt. Your husband won't see!


Who will take the coat next? I have no doubt anyone can take more hilarious pictures than I did!!


  1. Brava, Rachael!.....for your humor AND your fashion risks for a cause. You really had me cracking up with this! I won't be taking the coat this time, but you make it look oh so fabulous.

  2. You ARE funny, Rachael (besides being talented & cute)!!! Great pics & captions!

  3. So funny! Your little one is adorable.

  4. Crazy Lady! - I can see you really missed Freddie

  5. That last picture is HILARIOUS, thanks Rachael!


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