Sunday, March 6, 2016

Diary of an Awesome Coat - February

February is the best month to have the coat. If you've never tried it on, let me tell you, it is warm! It's just what you need in the dregs of a NYC winter.

We started off the month right with a 4 mile race.

You may have noticed that runners have an affinity for brightly colored clothes. The coat fit right it (IMO). I even got a compliment from a woman in pink tights.

 It did get a bit steamy during the run.

But we made across the finish line! 

With the coat's new found appreciation for athletics, we attended a superbowl/sewing party. Those boys look chilly, do they know about quilted outerwear? 

Later in the month the coat attended book club. The coat sparked some thoughtful discussion, but then proved to be the life of the party.

After so much fun, the coat took it easy with a spa day at Sparkles Laundry, which gave me an idea for my addition to the coat: sparkles and fringe!

When we left for quilt guild Saturday morning my boyfriend was eager to confirm that someone else would be taking the coat next. I on the other hand am sorry to see her go. 

Well coat, it's been fun but I'm sure you and Judy will have some great times in March! 

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