Monday, May 8, 2017

Deborah Fisher - Guest Speaker: May Meeting

At our May meeting, we were delighted to have 
Deborah Fisher of Fish Museum + Circus join us as our Guest Speaker and Vendor.

Deborah shared her trunk show from her two books Sew Fun and Quilt Giving.

Deborah was also vending and brought along these New York themed pins: 
red apples, pretzels and pigeons,
(if you bought one of the 4 flower needle minders please feedback if you like them),

and much more.

Here are some snippets from the fabulous stories Deborah told us about herself and lots of photos.

Deborah believes 'maker' is the best title for her.

Her mother's quilt - one of her first.

Deborah is the Director of the Bright Hopes collaborative quilting project.

QuiltGIVING - have donated 800 Quilts so far.

QuiltCOMMUNITY - quilt making days attended by pre- to high schools and the further community.  They have 6 sewing machines and make quilt tops for the QuiltGIVING Programme.

QuiltWORKS - this involves the Little Flower Children's Residence.  So far, 80-90 8-year-olds to 18-year-olds, have made their own quilts to take with them in life.

The programmes make fun, bright, simple and caring quilts.

Deborah's first book, Sew Fun

includes soft toys through to quilts

Deborah's second book, Quilt Giving

has 19 simple quilt patterns to make and give.



Tender + Friend






Variation on Nest






Deborah loves to use bright colours to brighten dark places.

provides lovely, soft handmade cloth dolls to children in underdeveloped countries.

Haiti women are paid to make doll then paid to donate doll 
- every child's name is embroidered on their doll.

Charming sewing accessories, kits, & patterns
including handmade, ceramic & wool pincushions

vended at Quilt Con 2017 and sold out in 1-1/2 days;
vended on Etsy last week and sold out in 7 minutes (which meant she didn't have any ceramic pincushions to bring along for us today😢); and
apparently now has a ceramics business!

For pincushion news - on Deborah's website, there's an email popup subscription.  
She notifies her email subscribers first - and is now selling out at this stage, and
then notifies her IG followers.

Deborah will be at Quilters Take Manhattan in September WITH ceramic pincushions!

If you'd like to contact Deborah, here are all her social media details.

  We loved having Deborah visit, and she's not that far away, hopefully, she'll join us again at another meeting.

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