Saturday, June 3, 2017

Loop of the Loom . . . . happy weaving

Have you ever wanted to try out weaving on a loom?

My Daughter Caroline took me weaving for Mother's Day
and it was fabulous!

on the upper east side 87th street between 2nd and 3rd avenues

The floor looms are all set up for you when you come in,
so you just need to learn the basics and off you go!

They have all the threads and yarns you could dream of . . . 

In no time I was off and weaving.
We did two hours ($60) and I felt like that was enough,
but you could add another hour for $20.
And that's all materials included!

They had about six looms set up that day,
but it looked like they could probably go up 
to eight or ten.

I'm not gonna lie,
I needed a system to remember
 which foot pedal to use.  Hehe.
I'll tell you my system if you go weave with me.

Here are our finished pieces with our glasses of wine 
as we waited for our train in Grand Central.

The perfect Mother's Day!!

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