Saturday, November 11, 2023

November 2023 Meeting Recap


We had an exciting November meeting filled with wonderful projects
Here's our President Maren showing a round robin quilt that the guild has been working on. We will be donating this quilt soon

Here is our last round robin quilt, finished.

Laura showed her duffle bag and her hand pieced "The Picnic" quilt. See the stamps she uses here.

Sue showed her impressive deconstructed log cabin star.

Bruce showed his stellar recent project titled "Lineage".

  Bruce also showed his Maywood Studios challenge quilt.

Jacqui showed her lovely donation quilt, which she will send off to Maui later this month.

Judith showed her Maywood Studios challenge quilt, incorporating house designs in her piecing.

Judy showed her incredible t-shirt quilt made with pieces from a former firemen.
See above for the back of the t-shirt quilt, including a piece from a sweatshirt.

Jody also showed a quilt made around an orphan block left on the scrap table at an earlier meeting.

Sam showed the denim scrap backpack she made while pattern testing for Sewing Through Fog.

Asher showed their gin cabinet quilt.

  Asher also showed a couple of velvet pillow cases made from scraps they collected at the last meeting.

Diane showed her quilted canvas piece titled "The Lantern Fly Laments".

Diane also showed a stunning Amish log cabin quilt.

Claire showed a beautiful (and LARGE) scrappy log cabin.

Nanette showed a wonderful wall hanging showing the contrast between the country and the city.

Sue showed a Nebula quilt.

Maria showed her current white elephant project.

Debbie showed an impressive quilt top using mainly jelly rolls.

Laurie showed the TWO jackets she has made since the last meeting.

Nellie showed an incredible EPP quilt top.

Allison showed a recently finished (but long time coming!) quilt made with Batiks.

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