Sunday, October 3, 2010


Here is our First Group Quilt top, put together...

What do you think?
We need a member to volunteer to quilt it, 

and perhaps someone else to bind.

It would be nice to have this done for our next meeting Dec. 4th.

Any thoughts on the backing?


  1. I think it looks great! I can bind it after it is quilted. I have alot of pieces of left-over binding that I could put together for a scrappy look. Maybe the backing should be strips of fabric to mirror the front. Just a thought. Thanks for sewing it all together.

  2. This looks so great, thanks for assembling it V! If only we'd had some forethought and laid out some of the scraps people had brought for swapping for the back. Maybe rather than make more work of assembling a back, someone has a sheet or something? I might have a crazy bright one myself that I've never used, I will check...

  3. Amazing how Hillary's strip "finishes" the quilt.
    I don't do free motion but I would be willing to quilt it.


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