Monday, October 4, 2010


I was expecting Hillary to make it to the meeting on Saturday, and knew she had made a strip... 
I got a package in the mail today from her, as she had hoped to make the meeting, 
but that day found her basement flooded with water!  
So Alas, I have her strip, and it rounds out the quilt.

No room left on this quilt.  It's done and fabulous!

Are you working on your Block for the next challenge?

Please post your work!

I didn't waste anytime... Saturday was so fun,  
you all left, and I was wound up with ideas...

Anyone else did there's yet?

Or what did you do when you got home with all that creative energy?


  1. So sorry I missed you all on Saturday. Can't wait to be at the next meeting and soak in all that inspiration and color.

  2. the strip top looks great! I still can't get over how well all the strips played together..
    I love your yellow-orange block too. I thought it looked like a real cheesy color (think Wisconsin cheddar) and you captured that totally. I have been in the sewing room a bit since saturday, but this gloomy weather doesn't make for good photographs...


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