Sunday, October 3, 2010


Hey, Mary here with a few more pictures from yesterday's meeting.
A full and intriguing scrap swap (intriguing: faux fur!) is bound to lead to some cool projects.

Another look at the strips we brought as a group project, after arrangement.
It's an explosion of awesome! Something you can't see in the pics is the incredible texture in a few of them.
"Encyclopedia's" (a.k.a. Earamichia--I hope I spelled that right?) woven strip was puzzled over by everyone.

The genius plan to make nametags helped me, at least, better learn a lot of names.
With 25-30 people showing up to a meeting, it's tricky to remember names--I usually think of a person by their online moniker or by a quilt they made:
"Oh, there's String Quilt!"
Sadly, I didn't manage to take pics of all the tags. Most people smartly wrote on fabric in ink. I thought I'd be clever, with only four letters in my name, and build my first ever letter blocks. After making two As and reworking that R five or six times, I can safely say I won't be making wall hangings like Jessica any time soon.

If you're in the Guild and you made a nametag you'd like to show off on this blog
(or to share any other relevant info),
please send an email to Victoria to gain posting access!

Helen's green wallhanging is worth another look!
She cut each strip one inch wide, resulting in 1/2-inch wide strips after piecing.
That's impressive enough, but the gorgeous monochrome style is what inspired our next project.

Check out V's post for more information on the monochromatic group challenge!

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  1. I would love to see some closeups of Helen's amazing quilt! And hear her talk a bit about how she approached its construction, fabric arrangements etc. It is lovely!


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