Monday, December 13, 2010

"I Do" quilt

My second quilt class ever...and the top is "I DONE"...a bit more intricate and complex than I initially thought...This challenged my love of color and not so fondness of plain solids...I used things that read as solids and then had to break down and get some real was a bit too much, even for my psychodelic tastes...smiles.

lets see if it actually gets finished...not sure how i want to machine quilt it...any thoughts.  I am going to do a strippy bindy with my bits and pieces...

I am also trying to decide if i should do a plan border all around before the strippy binding. hmmm...I shall have to speak to my GGI...and yes I shall make one as well with the lovely orange bulb inspiration...provided the idea can be born during my 15 minutes of play....


  1. ooh, i love the top! no quilting suggestions but i would skip a border. can't wait to see it finished at the Feb meeting~

  2. I vote in the no border group - it looks great just the way it is.

  3. Neat pattern! I agree with the "no border" crowd... ;-)

  4. Ooh it looks great! Love the pattern and your choice of fabrics!
    Nice, E!


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