Friday, December 10, 2010


So I actually debated whether to bring my favorite fabric as that fat quarter for the cutthroat share game at the last meeting- I hadn't seen it for sale in a long time and I never wrote down the SKU# to be able to order it. I even tried contacting the manufacturer to see where I might be able to get it with no luck. I've been hoarding it for about a year. It goes with everything! I almost brought my second-favorite fabric for the game, but decided I better play by the rules...

Then I dropped by JoAnn's this week to try some different thread, and happened to find the ends of two bolts of my fave on the rack! Not only that, but it was on sale!! So I got 6 more yards, at only $3.49/yard, and now I have the SKU# so I can order more. Sooooooooooo happy..... :-)


  1. Excellent! Love it when that happens. Happy Hoarding.

  2. So cool! That's the best story!

  3. I got your fat quarter! I will be sure to put it to good use (it coordinates beautifully with everything). Congrats on the great find!


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