Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Ahhhhhhh... a room of my own....

One good thing about the suburbs is that I am lucky enough to have an "office"... for now, anyway, until I have to move... my favorite part has to be the view of the sunsets over the rooftops...

This is my sewing space: my "design wall" is modeled after Encyclopedia's.... my ironing board needs a new cover (or maybe replacing, see how swaybacked??)... there's a quilt rack a friend found in the trash for me with unfinished projects... one nice thing about the sewing table my mother-in-law gave me is that it folds up pretty small for this small room!

Here is my extra design wall.... with the first quilt I ever made out of old tshirts. Not pretty but filled with nostalgia. And strips for my latest project. Of course I have to arrange them in a rainbow, even though they will be random in the project!

The other neat thing about the sewing table is the machine cabinet where my friend Janome lives when not in use... (Kaya doesn't sew much, but I bet she might try it if she had thumbs.) My stash is so small it fits in the drawers... except for a bit that takes over a shelf of the linen closet! Those towels just had to find another place to live...

Thanks for touring my space! I'm looking forward to seeing more of everyone else's...


  1. Don't you just love a cozy attic to escape to!?!! You even have a futon up there and a bathroom, you never have to leave!

  2. Yes, it's great! The only downside is that the stairs are too much for my 13-year old dog now. He used to sleep on the futon while I worked. Now he hangs out on the first floor, so I save my hand sewing to sit with him there.
    I see you have a cute canine companion also!

  3. oooooooo soooo neat.....and a space for you...

  4. P.S. I love the furry friend...smiles

  5. Kaya looks like a great helper!

  6. You can fit your stash into drawers... !!!! You are amazing!! :-)
    nice big space!


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