Wednesday, February 16, 2011

My attic retreat

We renovated our attic in 1998 to create a quilting studio. It is a cozy, quirky space (like most attics) complete with skylights and slanted ceilings. A partition for the bathroom creates both an alcove for my sewing machine and the only full height wall I can design on.

My fabric is stored on shelves built under the roof eaves. (Or in heaps on the floor). I sit on my "milking stool" to save my back when going through the piles.
I have an oversized ironing board that I LOVE; doubles as a work table, of course, like any flat surface in my vicinity.

Like Lisa, many of my finished quilts live on the stair railing. We have a well-insulated attic!

Here's another shot of my work table. It's a large door that my husband painted and mounted on top of Elna drawer units. The edges had to be routed because the door turned out to be too thick for the clips I use when I baste quilts on it. I have a nicely designed ruler holder, a task light, and in keeping with my cow theme, a "milk can" for my cuttings. (Don't all little girls growing up in Brooklyn love cows??)

There is a futon couch and two rocking chairs for guests on the other side of the room, but I got tired of hauling all the messy stuff back and forth out of view, so I didn't bother to take pictures of it. Haha, I know you can all stand it, but I decided it didn't really serve the interests of the quilting public!


  1. I love the milk can and cute milking stool! Pretty 9-patch hanging in the stairwell, also. Your oversized ironing board sounds great, and so does your customized work table. What a talented couple you make!

  2. SOOOOOOOOO wish I had allllll that space...smiles...but we make do...its a mini retreat...smiles

  3. You've clearly milked this space for all it's worth. It's an udderly fabulous room. ;)


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