Wednesday, February 16, 2011

My Brand NEW Most Fabulous Space

I have the pleasure of a brand new dedicated space . . . just for me . . . and my three cats, one dog, and other stray children . . . it's still wonderful, even with all the company . . . some day they will want nothing to do with me.
It's a long, lean room with most of the action at the other end. I have these fantastic chairs that I love just looking at . . . so far haven't had the opportunity to sit for very long.

Because it's new, it's still in pretty clean shape . . with very little cluttering up the walls etc. Won't be long before it's just a mess, I am sure.

This is my shelf of free to be used on anything fabric . . . anything bought specifically for a single quilt is bagged and out of site . . . Clearly I need to work on being more well-balanced.

My cutting table with black bins (and trash cans)full of sorted strips that I am currently working with. The cutting table is homemade by my husband . . .with a horn cutting mat. The whole table is on really strong casters so that I can roll the whole thing this way and that . . . it holds 54" fabric bolts on the bottom, and bins of ribbons, trim, and lots of other goodies in the middle.
This is looking back at my homemade ironing board also on casters, made by my father, 45" inches wide to spread an entire fabric width, painted pink, just because. This is unfortunately a favorite spot for the cats (all 3), and I am going to have to install some king of shock treatment to train them out of it. The easel is the background is my daughter's.
Last photo is where I actually sew . . . currently covered in beads and beading tools . . . my son insisted his teachers needed necklaces instead of chocolate for Valentine's Day.

It's a lovely wonderful bright warm space and I feel incredibly fortunate to have it. Happy sewing!


  1. oh chris! this is amazing! I'll come over and sit in those chairs for you :)
    no wonder jody sounded so jealous~ now we all are!

  2. Love the chairs! And the space too!

  3. I'll be right over!!! You've got room for me! I covet those chairs!! Ironing board... Chair at your sewing machine.... Sigh... I sit on ikea $15 stools.. Lol!! Gorgeous space! You lucky girl!

  4. yeah, we've got a consensus- what a wonderful space!!

  5. and the planning that went into this room is probably more than the rest of her house!!! yes, now you know why I'm jealous. It is fabulous.

  6. oooooo..imagine the drool pooling on the corners of my mouth....wait till i post my pics...nothing like your Quilters Oasis....wake me up...i think i am dreaming ...those chairs are simply yummy....


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