Friday, February 18, 2011

Last Minute Help

Hi everyone--
I know this is super last minute, but found out I have to take a business trip next week and it just happens to be to a place where a friend of mine is having a baby! I made a quilt for her and I was hoping against all odds that I could find someone who could machine quilt it for Sunday afternoon. Fairly small quilt and simple machine or long arm quilting. And I'll pay you ANYTHING you want. Millions and millions of dollars. I could drop it off first thing tomorrow (Saturday) and would need to pick it up on Sunday afternoon.

If you would like the accept this mission or know of anyone who would be interested. Please let me know.



  1. Oh I wish I could help you, but I'm up in CT battling a beast of a cold. Good luck, I'm sure a lovely quilter will come to your rescue!

  2. I would offer but not sure of my free motion quilting skills...and i would do it for fabric...smiles..

  3. If you feel like driving to NJ, I would be available for some basic machine quilting.


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