Monday, March 28, 2011

Catch-Up Week: My First Quilt

Hi all,

I forgot to post the other week for the "My First Quilt" topic.  Here is my first quilt, which I made almost 10 years ago.  At that time, I owned a sewing machine, but I had never tried to make a quilt before.  I decided to give it a try one day and picked up the book, "Quilt in a Day:  Trip Around the World" by the prolific author, Eleanor Burns

The book was really easy to follow, and even today I recommend it for absolute beginner quilters.  I made a twin-sized quilt within two weeks, and I still enjoy using it!  Granted, some of the techniques are not my taste anymore (tying the quilt instead of quilting it, using the inside-out method of finishing it instead of binding, etc), but it was a wonderful way to start my quilting career. 

Still warm and fluffy...can't go wrong with that!


  1. Trip Around the World is a great way to start. Glad you had such a good introduction to quilting!

  2. I love Eleanor Burns' books! I made a quick trip around the world a few years ago too. Great way to start.


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