Tuesday, March 29, 2011

My Sewing Space

I've finally gotten the camera out to share my space. It actually looks larger than it is.... used to be son's room, then took several feet away for an adjoining room and I got what was left. It does have windows on three sides, so it's bright. "Betty Crocker" is my mother, so she's always watching over my projects. No matter how I try to organize, it always looks like a tornado has just passed through. It's also upstairs (where no one [ie. husband] "needs" to go, so it's my real get-away!



  1. Jody, it looks great! My kind of space - no one pestering unless they're invited! :-) Is that mom on the wall??? Nice, whoever it is!

  2. What a beautiful studio! I have the same chair as you....came in a box....took me all day to assemble.....could have made a quilt in that time. Happy Sewing!!!!

  3. Seems rooming to me! I love all those windows, and the fact that no one needs to find you there . . . sheer heaven!


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