Sunday, April 3, 2011


Another lovely day with MANY NEW PEOPLE this month!

We had a bunch of raffle items for giveaways, and that produced a load of fun!
Thank you to MIDOMA , Nicole, and Victoria for donating some goodies

Andrea seems to be the luckiest person alive, so get to know her! hehehe!
She wishes things to happen and they do!
see Lisa's post here:

We have between 30-40 people for our group show.

More details will be hammered out this summer...
But be working on your 15 X 20 Quilt.

click here for more info on that...

If you are new, and still want to be included in the show, 
please Email me, Victoria

nycmetromod at hotmail dot com

Janet will be assembling the STRIPES quilt, 
Aleeda will bind it... 
Sometime soon perhaps we can get Aleeda to show us her Continuous binding...

We NEED BACKING FABRIC, and quilting for this.. 
Do we want to get Jackie to do this one as well?

remind meat the JUNE meeting, that I want to set up ONE sewing day this summer...
(that is what I could not remember!!!)

Also note, 
HELEN, will bind the Cheddar quilt, (Jackie is quilting it)
and Ellen will bind the 1/4 circles quilt, (Amy is quilting it)


AMY is making QUILT LABELS for all the quilts...

It was discussed at our APRIL meeting that we would all contribute to pay for long arm
services on the larger quilts... 
This means, ALL MEMBERS, 
please contribute a small amount to the paypal account.
Donations can be made via PayPal into the account of -
$5 would be a great donation but the amount is entirely up to you.

Thank you!

We are now on FACEBOOK, thank you Daniela!

And also anew group email.
nycmetromod at hotmail dot com

And lastly,
We had an ugly fat quarter swap, and challenged people make something out of 
them to show at the next meeting...
Ugly to beautiful? or not?  Haha! Stay tuned!

If I can get someone to do EVENTS POSTS on the blog, please email me... 
It will count for your VOLUNTEER TIME for the show!

Did I forget anything???


  1. April was my first meeting and it was GREAT!!! Very inspirational! I would be happy to provide the backing fabric for the stripes quilt. Just let me know how much yardage we'll need! Or if Janet would like to bring the quilt top by the City Quilter while I'm working, I can pick something out and get it to whomever is quilting it (I would offer to do it, but I am still learning the quilting part!)
    Please let me know if there is anything else I can do!

  2. I also meant to mention how exciting it is that we are now on Facebook! Yeah!!!!


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