Thursday, April 7, 2011

Let's Get Talking #8

You know that feeling of someone watching every move you make?

And they just can't resist not interfering?

It is a real technical challenge working around a sweetie like Mitzi!

On a more serious note,
I am deathly afraid of free-motion quilting ... bought the foot about 6 months ago but it is still encased in plastic.


  1. Talk about some free motion! I think Mitzie is a
    pro at it. Absolutely adorable!!!

  2. Too cute! I wouldn't get anything done if I had a sewing companion like that . . . there would be more fooling around than sewing!

  3. margaret, it took me about 2 years to work up the courage to take the walking and freemotion feet out of the package..
    I think Mitzie will go nuts when you start quilting swirls & feathers.

  4. Margaret...I still feel that way...and I am free motioning...I bought a cadillac of machines and still mostly use my cheap one...smiles..i can relate...but sometimes you just got to sit down and break out that foot...take to pieces of fabric and go at it...smiles.

  5. my ragdoll kitty does just this! i'm so afraid he's going to reach his paw in sometime and get stitched! break out the foot. you'll never get it if you don't start practicing!

  6. I share your fear of free motion quilting, Margaret. I think we could use some lessons from Andrea and Victoria. Focus group????

  7. Oh yes! Let's have a free motion day! A little encouragement...a little experimentation...a little fun!

  8. I also share your fear of free motion quilting. I'm planning to buy some muslin and practice. I would love to have a free motion day!!! Count me in!


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