Thursday, April 7, 2011

Oh the Horror....

PAPER PIECING....AHHHHHHHHHH.... Well thanks to the lovely folks of the NYC Metro Mod...I have awakened from the Nightmare on Paper Piecing..  Thanks to Kim and Andrea..and V's lovely Flying tutorial...I went home took out my scraps...(no fabric commitment - atleast not really) and i used "The Attraction Block" as a start...and let her rip...So i will continue playing with these and a few others...using scraps...(still dealing my fear of fabric commitment...smiles) and will use the white fabric I purchased this Sunday...(Yet another Horror...that is slowly drifting away....)

P.S. I just remembered the questions.  I always wondered how everyone got their point so sharp...and seems so perpendicular...and then i was told that it was paper pieced.  I ventured a try a time or two...and could not figure the flip flop...I bought a book...and that made it worse.  I attempted it on our chedder block...and gave up no sooner than i started...and then...I asked for a visual...and Kim and Andrea and V..provided the much needed training get me on my way...right I have to overcome the Not Using the Good Stuff. ;-)


  1. These look great! It looks like you're ready to break out the "real" fabric. Just curious if you got tripped up at any point? I found myself making a few dumb mistakes that I eventually figured out. The one thing I didn't figure out is how and when to trim the fabric. I ended up with some pretty bulky pieces. Did you experience this?

  2. Everytime you sew a seam trim you seam allowance to quarter inch... :-)
    You guys take off in flying colors!! Way to jump in and give it a whirl!! Looks great e!

  3. My paying attention to the size of the fabric that is needed. this was easy...However, I am sure when you get more intricate...someone like me...smiles will be wanting to conserve fabric..


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