Thursday, April 7, 2011


When I heard Rayna say that she never uses a ruler to rotary cut, I was amazed. Never tried that before, but I will now. If I ditch the ruler, maybe I will get out of my straight-jacket here. Have already given up trying to get perfect points or matching seams, and that feels good. I expect this free-hand cutting will be another new thrill!


  1. Helen, I have been doing more and more of it and it is freeing. I
    guess wave runner was what made me give up the ruler a bit.

  2. C'mon, Helen - you can do it. Remember: there are no rules and you can't screw up! Trust me on this - LOL. Anyway, you can use your ruler to trim the random ends.

  3. I mostly cut w/o a ruler too. Sometimes it is harder NOT to cut straight than you think.
    ( You could lay the ruler NEAR but not on the spot you want to cut as a visual guide if you feel hesitant; like training wheels...)
    Your V-string vest is wonderful with its straight cuts; definitely not a strait-jacket feel! There's a time and place for all methods. You already do beautiful things with a ruler! Now you can start adding free-hand cutting to your accomplishments.


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