Sunday, June 5, 2011

Patchwork in the Park - Invitation!

It was great seeing everyone at yesterday's Guild meeting!  Our June meeting was the last formal get-together of the season, but a number of people expressed an interest in informal meet-ups this summer!  For August, we have the Alliance of American Quilts events (see sidebar on the right), and the Friday night event at Victoria's is selling out quickly...don't forget to buy your tickets!

For July, we are doing TWO meet-ups (to accommodate people's vacation schedules)!  We will be holding two "Patchwork in the Park" days, where folks can meet up to enjoy the summer, chat, eat lunch, and bring their handwork and/or show-and-tell with them!  Come to both!

Saturday, July 9th (raindate:  Sunday, July 10th)
Saturday, July 23rd (raindate:  Sunday, July 24th)

11:00am to 2:00pm

Central Park, just WEST of the Great Lawn (under the trees in the shade).  Enter the park at 81st Street from the West side or the East side.  It is hard to give an exact location depending on the availability of space, but just walk along the trees on the western edge of the Great Lawn ballfields to find us.   Click here for a map (the Great Lawn is in the middle).

To Bring:
--Lunch and drinks for yourself.
--Dessert for the group (optional).
--Picnic blanket or sheet.
--Handwork projects!  Ideas:  quilt bindings, English paper piecing, applique, quilt labels, embroidery, mending, crocheting, a drawing sketchbook.
--Show and tell (optional and very informal).

--If is is not raining on the morning of the event, we will hold it as usual.  Thundershowers are common forecasts for the summer, but they usually happen in the late afternoon.
--If it is raining on the morning of the event, I will post a notice on the Blog that we will hold the event on the raindate.
--Feel free to include crafting-inclined friends (even knitters...gasp!) and significant others.  Warm-weather fun is all-inclusive!  Just warn them that it will be a sewing-focused day, so they should bring a book or other way to entertain themselves.  :)
--Feel free to post questions on the blog!  See you soon!


  1. Sounds fun! Thank Nicole for putting this all together.

  2. Count me in...However if it is the 10th...not sure what will happen as thats my big bday...smiles...


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