Tuesday, July 19, 2011

July Block - Flock of Geese!

For this month's Bee, I decided to practice my paper piecing skills.  Accordingly, I made a block with tons of flying geese!  Big geese, little geese, all flying in all different directions.  The red "flying goose" at the top-left side is the granddaddy of them all!  I had a lot of fun making this colorful block, and I hope Lisa enjoys it!


  1. Love it...Leave it to you to make Geese look extra lovely...i particularly adore the ones that are at the bottom left...smiles...also love how your colors are paired up...i love this bee thing..cant wait to see what august brings..

  2. Great block Nicole! Loving the geese

  3. Love the colors! Really vibrant but balanced.


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