Thursday, October 13, 2011

likes and dislikes

I love, love, love acquiring material .... and then admiring it and dreaming of how it will be transformed. I do like cutting (with rotary, of course) and watching piles appear. I also don't mind machine piecing -- preferrably by chain stitching. When the rows get larger, I start to feel the pressure... knowing I'm getting to the worst -- BASTING! That's probably why i've started sending out most of my quilts for someone else to baste and machine quilt. I like to hand quilt but arthritis is starting to interfer... and I'm a bit impatient for the product to be done. I too like to bind as it means the end is near and I'll have time to start a new one (or finish an already started one). The other least-liked aspect is cleaning up .... so many threads, scraps (smaller than can be used again, of course!), and "fabric dust"....

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