Monday, January 21, 2013

Lucky 13 Bee

Hi... I've heard from some of you who would like to continue or join our bee.  In no particular order I have Daniela, Emily, Mandy, Nicole G, Theresa, Naomi, Rossanna, Christina M, Jody, (possibly Margaret) so far.  If you've mentioned you want on and I've left you off, please let me know.   I do not have addresses and/or e-mails for several of you, so I'll need to get that too.   We can have a total of 12 -- but actually we're called Lucky 13 because we started with that many, so there's some flexibility.
At February's meeting, I'll take names and preferred months for being the "queen."  If you know when you'd like to be the queen but can't make the meeting, let me know that.

A reminder of the "rules"....
1.  only your first name and blog address will show on blog
2. only sign up if you're willing to make a 12 month (or 13) commitment.... if you have to drop out, please find a new member to take your place.
3. the "queen" bee will send out fabric to the other members BEFORE his/her month and will specify if the blocks should be made only with provided fabric or can be augmented with stash fabric.
4. each member will make one block for the queen in whatever size is requested (12.5", 9" squares, 6x9 rectangle, etc.)  Any member should feel free to make an extra block if she/he desires.
5. after blocks are completed, a photo should/could be posted on blog and the block sent off to the queen.  Each member is responsible for postage (but it usually only cost $1 to send a block)
6. members are responsible for staying current with blocks.  If you're having trouble getting blocks done within time constraints, please let the queen know asap.

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  1. I just became a member of the guild at the last meeting, and would love to join this bee. Please sign me up. Andrea Faulhaber, email is faulhaber.andrea


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