Monday, July 8, 2013

Piecing update...

Here's an update for Jess's Monday Morning Star Count 3. Thanks to a couple of sick days, I've gotten some piecing done on this project:
Since my last post I've stitched 16 diamonds on to the strip I'm working on, and laid out the rest in that strip, and basted a handful of templates.

I've still got long way to go (I'm not even going to try counting right now!), but I will hopefully get more done today. I'm thinking my next step after finishing this strip is to join all three of these strips, so I can reuse the templates on the edges. I'm just not sure the strips are long enough, and I think it might be tricky to join more diamonds to a piece that is more than 4 rows thick, but I'll see!


  1. This is stunning already! Looking at your previous post about this one, I'm loving the rainbow-y theme - I often gravitate toward some-of-every-color, since I love the variety. Nice work. It's fun to see what designs can come from a single shape ... I'm EPP'ing with diamonds, too.

  2. I love the bold contrast within this limited palette. The whole piece seems to twinkle!


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