Saturday, August 31, 2013

Lucky Bee - August Block for Naomi

I loved Naomi's fabrics and the premise of her assignment. Make a block that says "water", in any of its forms or representations. There were so many ideas in my mind! Isn't it unfortunate, though, when one's skills are not anywhere near one's imagination? Many concepts were nixed: too difficult, too impractical, too difficult. 

I then remembered a workshop I took at QUILTCON with Sherri Lynn Wood (check her stuff at about improvising piecing using "wedges" of (to use Victoria's very own term) "made fabric". I grabbed my blues and went to town making wedges. Here are the results:

This is a raw block, pure wedge piecing, that reminds me of choppy waters. 

I could not cut into your beautifully dyed lily pad. This block measures the required 8x8in. minimum.

The leftovers, using the arc from the DWR template set. Perhaps my favorite.

I will let Naomi do the editing. Use one, use all. They will be mailed on Tuesday. 


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  2. All are beautiul! But I pick the last one, too.

  3. I'm so glad I posted mine somewhat early as I don't think I could compete with yours .... or probably anyone else's to follow. Great!

  4. I love all of your options - so creative! My favorite is number 1 with its roller coaster ride of waves. Great job Maria!


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