Sunday, September 1, 2013

Help please...

Hello NYCMMQers,
I'm wondering if I can solicit a little advice here. I have been stuck lately trying to decide what to do about my hand piecing project. As you can see,

it has a little "drift" in it- somehow I got off on lining up the diamonds. I have at least two more rows to add on the bottom end in the photo, and right now I only see three options:

1) I could ignore this whole problem and figure it will give the quilt home-made "charm." Hmmmm...
2) I might cut a shorter template for the left column, and perhaps shorter ones for the middle two columns, which would hopefully bring them back in line. I am thinking of cutting the plastic lid to make these.
3) I should rip out the last 6-7 rows and re-sew them (ugh).

Does anyone have any additional and hopefully better suggestions? Thanks.... sigh.


  1. Hi Christa,
    Are your papers 'loose'? Did the fabric patches slip away from the paper edges?

  2. #3. If your templates aren't uniform or getting chewed at the corners, lmk. I have tons...

  3. of course my personality dictates that you go with #1.... how I hate ripping out... and as a former primary art teacher I always declared "there are no mistakes...just happy accidents!"

  4. Don't rip it out! I vote for keep going! Otherwise, it may never get done! It's beautiful--keep going, keep going!

  5. If my eyes don't completely mistake me, go on. Once you've finished the top and pressed it (...correcting the angles slightly as you go), this will vanish like ice in the sunshine. Don't forget just how many bias edges you have.

  6. It depends on you. For me, #3 because I know that every time I look at it, I will be thinking that I could rip it out, but if you are ok, go on and keep sewing.

    1. By the way, I love your colours, just reminds me that autumn is coming¡¡

  7. I think this quilt should do whatever it wants. I would keep going and see what happens. A drift could be even more interesting...

  8. Thanks all, for your advice- I have been working on other projects while I decide. I am leaning towards ripping it out (sigh...) because after all, I can... meanwhile I've made huge progress on two other quilts- nothing like angst to fuel activity!

  9. Christa... Every quilt needs a treat.. Don't rip it.. Go with the flow.. For only the quilt knows the way it should go... Smiles


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