Sunday, February 2, 2014

Scrappy Nine Patches for Kim

Kim is this month's QB and handed out her packages yesterday at the meeting! Sewed mine up today...

I love how this block came out! Only one problem though... Kim's instructions said the block should finish at 12 1/2", but mine came out 12 1/8". I used my 1/4" foot but I was switching from another foot when I started this block, and I'm thinking maybe my needle position wasn't exactly where it needs to be. I measured my seams and many of them appear to be just a HAIR over 1/4".  I guess with this many seams in the block, a hair could make that much of a difference.

Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!! Kim, I can re-do it if you send more of the red... and maybe you can throw this one on the back?  ;)   Unless you had planned to trim all after receiving   :/     Doubt it.
I will email you now.


  1. Having done that many times, I know the frustration... CAn't believe how great it is anyway... Did Kim give you all the fabric or just the red? Would love to know more of the instructions

  2. kim gave out the 2" red squares and the borders (2 short - 2"x9.5", 2 long - 2"x12.5"). the instructions were to make 4 nine patches with your stash (cut into 2" squares) and use the red for the center of each, sew them together, then add the borders. it turns out she will be truing up all the blocks so i don't have to make another one. :D

    thanks Jody, it was a fun one to make, despite my goof!

  3. Yeah, those "hairs" add up when there are several seams:) The block looks great though, and I'll work it out when I put them together later.
    Thank you!


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