Monday, March 31, 2014

Charity Quilts

 Hello All, I made the quilt pictured above using the 6 1/2" squares everyone made for our last meeting.  I was going to do some fairly simple straight line quilting on this one, in line with my skill set, unless someone is interested in quilting it.  I'm happy to donate the batting, backing, etc.  I do actually love machine & hand sewing binding, so I'm also happy to do that if you like.  Just let me know via email - 

Also, the cute little green squares below are extras.  I stitched them together to form an 18 1/2" square starting point.  Just let me know if anyone's interested in turning these into a quilt for our charity project.  I have additional green & blue fabric to go with this if you'd like it.


  1. bring the green and I'd be happy to continue it into a "charity quilt"

  2. Hi Jody - Ah, thanks so much. Someone emailed me to claim it. I'm going to reply to them now. If they've changed their mind, I'll reach out to you next. thanks!


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