Friday, March 28, 2014

Inwood House Baby Blankets Charity Project

Hello everybody!  Finally the overdue post with the details for our charity project this year!

We are partnering with Inwood House to provide baby blankets for their baby boutique.  Inwood House provides services to expecting mothers in the foster care system.  Their baby boutique is a place where the young women in their program can use "credit" earned through various parenting preparation classes and activities to "purchase" items for their babies.  Here are the details of how we'll be helping….

(A simple, lovely baby quilt gifted to me out of love….)

We invite you to donate quilts, handmade by you and your friends.  Hand-quilted, machine-quilted, tied, pieced, whole cloth, appliqué…you decide.  Pour both your love and your lovely fabrics into these quilts.  Whether simple or complex…make them beautiful, bright and welcoming for the little ones and their mothers who will receive them.  (The paragraph in this post captures my thoughts exactly about sending our best, not our left-over and least favorites, when giving things for "charity"!  Charity after all means "love".)

Baby/crib-sized. Suggested size range is 36"x45"to 45"x54".

Where to Drop Quilts Off:

Quilts should be brought to guild meetings.  The guild will arrange for delivery to Inwood House.

Guild Goal: 

Our guild goal is 25 quilts by October 2014.  Typically 25 babies are born to mothers in Inwood House's programs each year and we'd love to have one quilt for each of them.

The Perks:

Each person who contributes to or makes a baby quilt will receive an entry in our raffle for a $100 gift certificate to City Quilter.  If we go over 25 quilts, additional items will be added to our raffle.  Let's rock it!

Questions?  Suggestions?  Resources?  Please contact Andrea at radianthoneyquilts [at] gmail [dot] com.

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