Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Lucky Bee October - Blocks for Tina

Tina, all thrifty and creative that she is, challenged us to create a QAYG block for her, so she could use her leftover batting and scraps. We could do any type of block we wanted and add our own scraps.

I got two pieces of batting and decided to keep their shape and size as they were sent to me. I first pulled some nice scraps and ironed them and then, inevitably, they (I swear it wasn't me!) just went and made two groups: warms and cools.

The cool scraps behaved and were easy to put together.

The warms, on the other hand.... not so much. I started from the left, because I knew I was going to have two centers. I ended up having to quilt/sew the two fabrics on top and bottom of the center Tula Pink fabric. Tina, if you hate it, chop it. Or I can make another one. I will bring them to the next meeting.

All in all, fun to do, but a reminder of why I do not like QAYG. I do not want to join all those blocks!


  1. quit your complaining, Maria.... they're great!

  2. Thanks Maria! It's going to be a challenge putting them together I'm sure :)



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