Monday, January 5, 2015

Catching Up and Warming Up

Christmas and New Year with family. So grateful for being able to enjoy my parents. Quilting, though, was not part of the equation. Enter 2015! I quickly caught up with my two bees and Rachael's quilt blocks.

For our Lucky Bee, December blocks for Jennifer. I spent too much time trying to fit my 2.5" HSTs into a 4, 8 or 16" block. Why didn't I resize them? Because my brain does not work like that. I ended up having differently sized HSTs, and I like the finished 8" block. I hope you do too, Jennifer! The baby 4" block is for kicks. Some fabric is going back your way.

Lucky Bee's January Queen Jody: So much fun to make these strip blocks, and they get one's color sense going. Good warm up for things to come!

For the Mod Bee, December has Chris as Queen bee. She asked for giant HST blocks and I was assigned the pink/purple palette. I was surprised to find out that my stash lacks terribly in the solid/tone-on-tone department in those colors. A visit to our friends' store, Gotham Quilts, might be in order. Chris, this block, times two, is on the post for you.

Rachael presented the guild with a group quilt challenge. I have seen some blocks already and I think the quilt will be fantastic. I wonder if my top segment should be continuous to the flying geese. Rachael, you can redo the seam if you think so. I ran out of grey, hence the odd shape of the block.

And now, to my quilts! Still working of assembling a very old (4+ years in the making) yellow and white star quilt, and the Tula Sampler, that is feeling very lonely on my design panels. I better go.
See you all in February!


  1. well, Maria... it certainly didn't take long for you to be very productive! Kudos.... and well done (redundant, but....) Look forward to seeing you in February

  2. Yay, you're the first to post a block for me - love it and Flicky's so excited about her next new quilt made by everyone!!! :D Chris xxx

  3. Love the arrows for Rachael's quilt, I'm intrigued. Missed the last meeting so can't wait to see what's going on! x


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