Monday, November 28, 2016

Summer 2016 Paint Chip Challenge

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There was some discussion at the June meeting when the Summer 2016 Challenge was announced which has lead to confusion for members about how to finish their challenge mini-quilts and what the future use of these will be by the Guild.  Here are the definitive instructions that we will use to move this challenge forward to completion with.

The instructions on the Challenge sheet are to make a finished (bound) quilt, 18" square - the goal is to create quilts (individual) that represent our individual style, but that also represent us as a "modern" whole and that give the effect (when displayed together) of one large quilt. 

To be clear these are individual 'mini/18" quilts' for group display, not blocks to be turned into a group quilt to be raffled or given away.

Future Use
The intention is for members to be challenged to try something new, to push personal boundaries and comfort zones and to create a group of mini quilts that can at any time be displayed in a manner that represents each of us individually and, at the same time, our Guild as a whole.

Uniformity here is the key to the mini-quilts looking fabulous when displayed as a group - any mini-quilt not following the instructions will automatically become the viewer's focal point for the display and as such, unfortunately, may not be able to be displayed with the group in any future exhibition.

New Deadline
We are now setting a deadline of our February 2017 meeting for everyone who wants to take part to bring along their finished and bound mini-quilt for display at that meeting. 

If you haven't made a mini-quilt yet, there is still time and we're attaching the instructions.  You can pick up a paint chip for the challenge at the December meeting and if you want to get started sooner, you can grab yourself a chip from your local 'Benjamin Moore paint chip' store and follow the attached instructions!

Yellow - Benjamin Moore 034
Blue - Benjamin Moore 079
Red - Benjamin Moore - 007

Other FAQs
  1. Use only one paint chip colour way yellow, blue OR red (unless you are one of the lucky recipients of 2 paint chips in your envelope!).
  2. Use all or one of the colours on this paint chip but your mini-quilt should only include colours on this paint chip and no other colours (unless you received 2 chips in your envelope and then you can choose from ALL the colours on 1 chip as your main colours and choose ONLY 1 colour from the second paint chip as your 'POP').
  3. Fabrics can be solids OR textures that read as solids.
  4. Struggling to find the right shades - we appreciate it's tricky but please do the very best you can to stick to the colours on the paint chips for the final display to have the maximum impact and effect.
  5. Finished size 18" x 18" including binding.
  6. Who will keep the mini-quilt - well that's up to each of you individually.  If you want to keep hold of your mini-quilt and make it available to us as/when needed for display, that's one option.  Option two is to hand the mini-quilt over to the Block Lotto/Challenge Committee to be stored for future display.  Either option is equally fine. 
  7. We'll keep a visual record of the mini-quilts (photos will be taken at the February meeting) along with a list of makers and a note of where each mini-quilt is to be kept (option 1 or 2).
Check out the Seattle MQG's 2015 paint chip challenge - where you can also see how they displayed the finished mini-quilts in a local fabric store and this post by Debbie of The Quilter's Table where she has photos of the finished mini-quilts in each of the colour groups.


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