Thursday, December 1, 2016

Show and Tell - October 2016

In the absence of Show and Tell photos for October and November 2016, I'm posting photos from my own Instagram for the October and November meetings. 

These are by no means a full representation of the work shown at the meeting so if you have additional photos that we can include in this post please email them to me here on the Guild email.  If you have any info you'd like included here about your quilt email me and I'll update the post.

October 2016
Vice President - Chris Dodsley of made by ChrissieD represented the NYC Metro Modern Quilters Guild in the Quilt Alliance, Quilters Take Manhattan Quilt Match and WON!  Here she is wearing the 2016 Featherweight Champ of the Quilt World winner's belt.

Bernadette F

Jennifer B

Tina M 

Cynthia C 

Sandi K 

Susan S 

Quilts for Timeless Treasures (March 2016 Challenge)

Naomi M

Mary W

Marie C 

Nancy D

Jean D 

Our Guild quilt for Ed

Jody S

Margaret C 

Mayann W 

Ivete T sharing the Empire Quilters 35 and Counting raffle Show Quilt, an FPP pattern designed by Ivete and Andrea of Gotham Quilts and that she long arm quilted.

Debbie K 

Our Guild Secretary, Brian, wasn't at the October meeting as he was marrying his partner, Brian. so we sent him our congratulations via video.

Anita Grossman-Solomon, of Make It Simpler, gifted a mini-charm pack of her new Kona Solid collection for Robert Kaufman to all members

Chris and Greer, our new VP and Treasuer, having too much fun at 'work'! 

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