Sunday, March 5, 2017

April Block Lotto

Scrap Buster Block that Really Busts Scraps

- Use only rectangles (includes squares) ... not wonky ... 2.5" to 6.5"
- Use a good amount of prints with a light background
- Use a limited amount of dark prints as it will make the block look too heavy
- Use a wide variety of prints including, spots, stripes, plaids, text
- Small amounts of solids are ok
- In general, avoid black and bold black and white prints
- Do not recommend a block chock full of brights
- Finished block size is 14.5"

1.  Use masking tape to outline a 14.5" on a cutting board or other surface
  2.  Play around with scraps you think will work inside the square 
 3.  Select or trim scraps.  Below is a range from 2.5" to 5".
      Start to sew together identical sizes and then nest and sew to a another shape.
      Below you can see six sections which will be joined.
 4.  Here you can see joined units as well as 3 more scraps needed to bring final block     
      to size.
 5.  Four 14.5" blocks together.

Link: has a similar Tutorial "Quilting with Magic Numbers"

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  1. Does anyone want to scrap swap? "Chock full of brights" pretty much sums up my stash :)


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